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Agfa Movexoom 6 MOS Electronic Super 8 Camera


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The Agfa Movexoom 6 Super 8 Camera is a fantastic mid-range to high end super 8 camera that offers a lot of bang for a buck. This popular model is packed with a variety of features and is ideal for filmmakers looking to experiment or beginners wanting a camera that they can grow with.

Whilst beginners can simply switch the camera to automatic exposure, point, focus and shoot, this is a model that comes into it’s own once you start to experiment. 

The Afga Movexoom 6 offers a range of shooting speeds – 9,18,24 and 54fps. 9fps is a fantastic option when shooting a slow-moving subject in poor/low light. Using 9fps with normal or fast moving subjects will give your footage a dreamy aesthetic. The Movexoom 6 also offers 54fps slow motion.

In addition the Agfa Movexoom 6 has an interval timer with a range of speeds (from 1 frame every 0.3 seconds to 1 frame a minute) for doing timelapse filming.

The 6x zoom lens on the Agfa Movexoom 6 gives you lots of options when framing your shot. You can zoom in manually or using the power zoom buttons. If you think you’ll require a little more zoom range, there is also the Agfa Movexoom 10, which is the same camera but with a 10x zoom. 

This super 8 camera runs using 6xAA batteries and requires no separate cell battery to power the lightmeter.

In addition to manual and automatic exposure control, there is also backlight control which is ideal for when shooting into direct light.

This camera will automatically expose the following film stocks:

  • Kodak Vision3 50D Super 8 Film (great for using outdoors on bright, sunny days)
  • Kodak Ektachrome 100D Super 8 Film (great for using outdoors on bright, sunny days)
  • Kodak Vision3 200T Super 8 Film (use outdoors on overcast days or indoors with plenty of light)
  • Kodak Tri-X Black & White Super 8 Film (suitable for shooting indoors and outdoors with good light).



  • Lens: Variostar 1,8 / 7 – 42 mm
  • Split Image Focusing
  • Auto / Manual Zoom with 1 speed
  • Frame rates: 9, 18, 24, 54 + single frame
  • Manual / Auto Exposure
  • Backlight Control
  • Flash contact
  • Fades
  • Lap dissolve
  • Remote control socket
  • Cable release socket
  • Interval timer with 0,3;1;60 second intervals
  • No sound
  • 6 X 1,5V batteries + No separate battery for light meter
  • Made in Germany/Japan
  • Year: 74-77

Every camera we sell is vigorously inspected by our team. Our ten-part inspection method includes the following checks:

  1. Lens - we check for any mould, dust, haze, dirt, cracks and air bubbles. Where possible we clean/remove any imperfections – any remaining are noted.
  2. Zoom – we inspect both manual and power zoom work smoothly. Any issues are noted.
  3. Focus – we check that manual focus is smooth and works well. If automatic focus is included as a feature that is also checked.
  4. Motor / Claw – we check that the motor runs smoothly at all advertised speeds and that the film claw has sufficient torque to advance film.
  5. Filmgate – this is inspected and any dirt or hair is removed.
  6. Lightmeter – the lightmeter is inspected to ensure it automatically reacts correctly to light. Manual aperture control and/or backlight is also checked if included as a feature.
  7. Viewfinder – we inspect for mould, dust and haze or damage. Where possible we clean/remove any imperfections – any remaining is noted.
  8. Battery terminals - we inspect for rust/corrosion, cleaning and repairing where needed.
  9. Body – where possible we clean any imperfections. Any remaining cosmetic damage is noted.
  10. Additional Features – all additional model specific features (such as timelapse or crossfade) are checked for functionality.

Unless specifically mentioned in the product description, all items sold through our website have passed the above inspection and are fully working. With thousands of sales under our belt and 3000+ positive reviews our customers have found that our inspections are comprehensive and correctly reflect the condition of the camera. In the unlikely case that there is an issue, we offer a full 60 day warranty – allowing you plenty of time to check the camera yourself.


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Where we sell vintage products that have been used and loved for many years, all our items are vigorously inspected by our team of experts before listing. Unless noted otherwise, all our items have been fully tested and are working correctly and come with 30 day no-quibble returns and a  full 60 day warranty – we believe this will give you enough time to test the product for yourself to ensure you’re happy with it.

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