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No, unfortunately that would be cost-prohibitive (film is pricey!). Unless specifically mentioned, our cameras are fully inspected (and were needed, repaired). We inspect the following:

  • Lens – we inspect for mould, dust, haze, dirt, cracks and air bubbles. We also check the focus/zoom work smoothly.
  • Motor – we check the motor runs at all frame rates and that any additional features (such as timelapse, power zoom, crossfade or rewind features) work correctly.
  • Filmgate – we check that the filmgate works properly and that the film winder turns correctly at all speeds.
  • Exposure – we check that the exposure settings work in both manual and automatic.
  • Battery terminals – we inspect for rust/corrosion, repairing where needed. 
  • Body – we check and list any cosmetic damage and when needed clean the camera.

With over 1000 sales over the past year, our customers have found that our inspections are comprehensive and correctly reflect the condition of the camera. In the unlikely case that there is an issue, we offer a full 60 day warranty – allowing you plenty of time to check the camera yourself.

Well, I mean… *blushes*

We’ve been filming with, repairing and selling vintage cameras for a while now. We sold over 1000 vintage cameras last year, all inspected and where needed, repaired. With 99.9% positive feedback, we’d say we know our stuff.

Each vintage camera we sell has it’s own backstory – as such we list them separately, detailing the condition of the product alongside any accessories that come with it. This way you can know that the photos you see are of the actual item you’ll receive and not some generic ones!

Sorry, that’s not our cup of tea. 

We recommend GaugeFilms for all film processing and scanning – we’ve used them for years and have always been happy with the results. 

Ooooh, good question. It’s important to consider the following things:

  • Frame rate – what frame rates do you want to shoot at? As a rule, most super 8 cameras shoot at 18fps as default. If you want to shoot at 24fps or slow motion, you’ll need to buy a mid-range or professional level super 8 camera.
  • Exposure – do you want the camera to auto expose for you? Or do you want the ability to adjust it yourself?
  • Zoom – most cameras will have some degree of zoom. As a rule of thumb, the more you pay, the more zoom you get.
  • Shooting at low light – If you want to shoot in low light condition, you’ll want a lens with a decent maximium apetuture.
  • ASA/ISO – cheaper cameras will be able to automatically recognise fewer film stock types.
  • Timelapse – do you want to make stop-motion films / do timelapses?
  • How much do you want to spend?

You’ll need to juggle all of these considerations to find the right camera for you. As a general rule of thumb, the more you spend, the more features you get – although it’s worth noting that some brands offer greater value for money.

You can filter our cameras in loads of ways, including, price, exposure settings, frame rates.

If you have any questions or need some advice, why not pop us a message and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Currently, no – although it’s a possibility in the future. You’re welcome to pop us a message detailing the issue as we may be able to advise you on how easy it is to repair, resources available etc – we may even offer to purchase it for spare parts!

We sell our cameras on a range of third-party platforms including eBay and Etsy. Those platforms take a significant cut of every sale, which is sadly reflected in the price you pay. If you purchase directly through our website we’re able to offer a 5% discount as we’re not paying those third-party fees! 

Absolutely, it’s free on orders of any size or price, although we don’t ship to PO Boxes. Click here for shipping info.

Yes we do! Click here for shipping info.

Yup! We offer a 60 day warranty – giving you plenty of time to check out your order to ensure you’re happy with it. Click here for our warranty policy.

We do our best to ensure all orders arrive in perfect condition! We use a range of packing materials including bubblewrap, polystyrene balls, boxes and packing bags.

Your order will be packaged discretely to ensure the surprise isn’t given away if it’s a gift.

We’re committed to helping the environment and where possible we reuse packaging materials.

That’s cool – check our returns policy here

Okay – no worries. Get in touch and let us know what you want, where it’s going and when you need it by. We’ll do our best to find a delivery option that works.